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My name is Nicolas Blasquez Barbosa.

I have 15 years born on September 23, 1997 in the cord. ISIDORO study

Course in grade 11 and I want to be actor

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In this family we appear l my all, is made up of my mother

My mother(martha barbosa vanegas).

My sister (Gina Paola Blasquez Barbosa).

My brother (Andres Fernando Mur Barbosa).

My dog (Rocky).

My dog as you can see is a beautiful dog named Rocky has,

3 years and his mommy pincher breed called niño

And rest in peace dad

My dog and I played a lot, so I have 2 months ago

He is very affectionate with the family

I love him very much because it is very tender

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My friends is very great they makes me laugh a lot

Know I can count on her through thick and thin

Disappointed and I never think they be the bests

Because I use my time reading

i like read storys of all class of books

There I relax, because I feel that I leave the daily routine

Ant to make a curso of English

After something major in accounting;

And thus achieve

fulfill my dream of becoming a actor.

This is the inside of the nacional University of Bogota

There is where I make the cuerso of English, and the race will

Study actor i love the rendering and attention to people.

Esta pagina web es un ejercicio de tipo academico

Sin animo de lucro no tiene otro fin que aprender

A utilizar el lenguaje HTML cualquier infraccion

A los derechos de autor informar a plumas092@HOTMAIL.COM

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